Team Building - Flummox'D Escape Rooms
Located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale Florida's Best Escape Rooms
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Team Building


Real-life interactive adventure games aren’t just for kids. Instead of company lunch retreats, businesses across the country are taking their employees to “escape rooms.” Omar Villafranca reports.


Escape Rooms unfold respect for contribution

During the game at Flummox'D each player will be able to bring skills which will be applied to solve the problems at hand. When these skills are successfully utilized, the team members of the company can acknowledge each others unique perspectives and contributions All organizations can benefit by developing this type of mutual respect for each other through playing the escape game and bringing it back to the workplace.

Camaraderie through timed pressure and shared goals

At Flummox'D employees will be working together towards a common goal in a timed pressure game. The bond formed over the entire experience will have a lasting effect that will directly translate into an alliance in the company.

Discover your employees communication styles

Players of Escape Rooms have to communicate with each other in order to succeed. This can bring out different types of communication styles when dealing with other parties. Either adapting or taking charge will be necessary to move forward in the game. Learning to deal with different communication styles in important in any company.

Find out your employees strengths and weaknesses

Being put in an Escape Room scenario will make it clear what everyones strengths and weaknesses in a team environment are. Find out who the leaders, creative thinkers, analysts, and pleasers are within your company.

Help make decisions within the company

Each player will bring something to the table in order to escape on of our rooms at Flummox'D. Using the information obtained on each groups teamwork skill can help you with making decisions within your company.

  • What can we offer?

    • Many different packages available to suit your needs.
    • Custom game design on location.
    • We have worked out deals with the bar/restaurants in our area to hold larger groups of players before/during/after shifts.
    • Apothecary, Public House, and Bull Market (within 20 yards of Flummoxd front door) are offering waiting space with open bar with an hour of varied appetizers.

Let’s get started today on your next corporate event!