Newest Craze in Team Building - Flummox'D Escape Rooms
Located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale Florida's Best Escape Rooms
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Newest Craze in Team Building

Newest Craze in Team Building

Newest Craze in Team Building

Looking for the new craze in team-building??  Say hello to the world of Escape Rooms!   Video games have long taken inspiration from cultural phenomena, but now, one is becoming a real-world trend. In a genre of play called “Live Escape Rooms (or Puzzle Rooms),” two or more people enter a theatrically decorated and themed room and must solve puzzles using nothing but collaboration skills, intuition, logic, abstract thinking, and some light physical skills to “conquer the room” before time runs out. We like to say in short.. Brains Over Brawn!

Flummox’d Escape Rooms are now open!

Please allow us to introduce Aunt Ester!

Visit for more details and booking information.

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